Friday, February 2, 2007, 11:45 PM

I want to write a longer entry but my eyes are refusing to cooperate so I’ll just post about this, which I intended to post earlier today but didn’t because I had to fix all the test scripts for today’s UAT.


Deathly Hallows Release Date Announced

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be published on Saturday 21st July 2007 at 00:01 BST in the UK and at 00:01 in the USA. It will also be released at 00:01 BST on Saturday 21st July in other English speaking countries around the world.

[News from The Leaky Cauldron]

Now, to be completely honest, I don’t really buy Harry Potter books when they just came out. Starting with Book 5, I always happen to stumble upon an online copy/softcopy version of the book so I don’t buy the hardcover release, but still get to read it the same time everyone else does. I know, I know, that’s bad. But I’m just a student then! I couldn’t exactly afford the hardcover book and try to get in line for that early in the morning just to get a copy. I like Harry Potter, but I don’t like it that much.

But now that I’m working, I’m wondering if I should join in the Harry Potter mania fun and reserve a copy of the book early (even if I don’t really like owning hardbound books because they take up too much space...speaking of which, I need to do some cleaning around here) and join all the other Harry Potter fans in lining up at Powerbooks or Fully Booked or wherever the new book is going to be released first and be one of the first ones to get a copy. Somehow I think that sentence did not make sense somewhere. Hmm.

For a change, you know? Instead of letting myself get an online copy, I’ll go the legal and right way and get myself a copy of the book. That’s right, yes? And it’s the last time this is going to happen; I should let myself experience the entire I-must-get-that-new-Harry-Potter-book-first thing before it finally disappears.

Hmmm. Why not? And I’m out of book ban* by that time.

Anyone who would want to join me? We could line up together and wait for the book this coming July. And it’s a Saturday, so no work to get in the way. :P

Okay, bed time! I need to motivate myself to go to the gym tomorrow before meeting with Tuesday at lunch. Then GMT for Singles for Christ and home to work on this new site my friends and I are starting. Ahhh, yes, Saturday! How I love you! ♥ Good night world! :)

* book ban - a self-imposed condition after buying 10 books during my last MV Doulos trip. Besides not having any money, I realized I need to at least tackle some of the books I bought there (as well as the books my dad brought home last Christmas and some books from the Book Fair last September that I haven’t even cracked open yet) before buying anything new. The self-imposed book ban is to last until June. Why June? OMF Bookstore goes on sale on June. :P

Thursday, February 1, 2007, 10:52 PM

Wow, it’s already February. Where did January go?

My thumb hurts. I’ve been texting the entire time since the time I commuted from the office just to finish off the free SMS of the test SIM cards I brought home. I am only at my first SIM which still has 30+ free SMS and I have about three more to go.

What shall I do for that? Anybody want a textmate until tomorrow lunchtime? I just need to send messages to someone until it runs out…but I’d use those to get a good conversation. :) My textmates right now are silent…I wonder why? Did they get tired of my texting? I hope not. Or is the signal just weak?

Speaking of SMS, I just heard of Globe’s new scheme for their Unlimited SMS service, and all I know is that people are going to complain (in fact, I got a message earlier about boycotting this new scheme), especially for those who bought a Globe SIM just because of their Unlimitxt service (namely, me). Comparing the highest and longest rate for all day unlimited texting, the old Php50/5days is now Php80/4days. From Php10/day to Php20/day! That’s not right. Okay, so they also have the unlimited day and unlimited night texting…say I turned the Day Unlimited, that’s Php30 for 2 days, and then Night Unlimited, that’s Php20 for 2 days…that’s Php50 for only 2 days! HELLO?!

Sorry, I just want to rant.

Speaking of phased outthe floppies have flopped. I remember playing with some speed-reading programs and decathlon games on our PC from time kopong-kopong days (translation: PCs with green and black screens running on MS-DOS :P), but that’s with mini-floppy disks, the one you can fan yourselves with and get a considerable amount of air. What I do remember about the microfloppy disks (3.5″) is that my brother and I used to play Jeopardy and Prince of Persia in my dad’s borrowed laptop. That’s with the black and white screen, still running on MS-DOS. :p I remember owning a lot of 3.5 floppies for backup of files, school work and even up to college, passing it for machine projects! I don’t know how to feel about it saying goodbye, since I hardly use diskettes anymore (too many corrupted diskettes and files lost because of mishandling…how sad). But it sure has a lot of “fond” memories associated with it somehow.

And speaking of memories…here’s something that would put the Blog Parteeh ‘07 into the memories of more people: Bo SanchezPreacher in Blue Jeans episode of the Blog Parteeh ‘07, featuring interviews of Jun, Noemi, Aileen and Sorsi, plus Marcelle’s magic show for Bo. :) Sorsi told me after she was interviewed to get myself interviewed too, but I’m not much in front of the camera. I’m more of the behind-the-scenes person…but still, I was mentioned there! :D Now go watch it; I can’t embed it here without losing the text after the video.

Speaking of can’t…my test SIM that I’m supposed to be emptying of balance is not receiving any text messages. I can send, but I cannot receive anything at all. No wonder my textmates are now silent. Argh. Now how can I get rid of all those free text tomorrow?! All day texting until 5pm?! My poor thumb! :(

Maybe this means I shouldn’t bring “work” home.

Speaking of home…I better hit the sack. I want to get to work early tomorrow so I can get out at 6:30 for a blogger’s dinner at Makati. :D Good night everyone!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007, 6:50 PM

Carlo tagged me to tell you five things you don’t know about me…like there’s so much? I know I’m pretty much of an open person (for example: given enough time and not much to do, I could start spilling my love life — or lack of — to you just because I know it’s a good conversation starter), so what’s to hide? :P But let’s see:

  1. I work in one of the big telecommunications companies in the Philippines but guess what: I own one SIM each for all the three. One is my personal line, one is a gift from a friend because all of them owns this network and they wanted to text me for free and the last one is for work. I tried letting go of the second one, but then my friends won’t reply to my messages to them when I use either of the remaining two so I decided to resurrect it. Now you know why I seem to be pulling phone after phone in my bag (although I let go of the work phone when it’s the weekend — no work when it’s not working hours!). If you want to get my number, specify the network you want to have and I’ll give it to you. :P
  2. I almost didn’t graduate elementary school with honors because I was too talkative. My Grade 6 teacher always scolded me then because I can’t seem to stop talking (personally, I think she just catches me in the wrong time). A few weeks before graduation, she started collecting the diaries of the “delinquent” students and she got mine. :-o That sure shut me up. My adviser returned it eventually, telling me it was just a warning for me so I’d stop talking. Uh…okay.
  3. Just like her, I used to have this weird ambition. While she wanted to become a cashier, I wanted to become a housemaid and clean carpets in Princeton NJ. I remember having this book where you check what you want to become and I wrote right at the very bottom of the list: housemaid. I think I was partly influenced by our house helper then, plus the fact that I didn’t want to leave the house for work, like my parents do. I was about…five then? Hmmm…maybe I will eventually start working at home or something? I wish.
  4. I used to be a really big fan of Sailormoon. I loved it from the moment I saw its first commercial. There was a time I was watching the end of its first season, where Sailormercury, Sailormars, Sailorjupiter and Sailorvenus died for Sailormoon and found myself crying at the end. I used to collect cards (what we used to know as text before cellphones came), paper dolls, coloring books, and even joined the Official Sailor Moon Fan Club in the Philippines. :P
  5. More fandom…I was such a big fan of The Moffatts that I cried when I heard the rumor that they died in a plane crash shortly after their song If Life is So Short came out. That’s explanation enough. =)) I’m a self-confessed Moffatt-ian (is there such a term?). :P And on that note…it’s been almost three years but I still can’t believe Dave Moffatt is gay. Hmph. He was my favorite Moffatt!

Well that was fun. Can I make it ten? Kidding. :P Now I tag these people: Joni, Aaron, Mae, Ate Toni and Chris E. :P Feel free to tag me again On second thought, no, as much as I want to, don’t tag me again…I realized I should keep a mysterious air around me…even just a little bit. :P

I talk too much, I know.


Nokia 7390 -- love! (image from let’s talk phones. I have a feeling that my first major spending splurge will be for a cellphone. My Smart line is reaching its 24th month this coming July, and I’m planning to renew it and avail one of their retention plans. This time, of course, paying with my own money.

As I mentioned in one previous post, I really want a Nokia 7390. It’s probably the first high-end phone I really want and am willing to spend money to get it. I was hoping this would be available in Smart’s retention plans, but as luck would have it, it wasn’t. I checked in the Nokia store in Galleria and saw the much coveted Powder Pink version of it…under it says: Coming Soon. Argh.

Of course, considering that it’s a pretty new phone, and it’s 3G and it’s part of this fancy collection, it’s probably going to be expensive and I might end up having to pay for it until the day I grow old until the end of the year. Especially if…okay, never mind, I don’t want to share that condition.

Nokia 6233 - Silver Alloy version (image from, since the N7390 isn’t on the Smart plans, I looked at the phones and prices that is for my phone plan and looked for the next best one: one that is a bit on the high end, not too expensive and does not have sooo many features that I wouldn’t use in the end…I saw this: Nokia 6233.

Now I’ve read about this particular phone from Abe, Migs and Miguel. I’ve read about its features, and even if it’s not as girly as the other one, it does look kind of good. Classy. Not girly, sad to say, but still nice enough. I could always “girlify” it with whatever dangling things I could hang on it. :P
And it’s not takaw tingin, which I like. Translation: a high-end phone that looks a bit low-end so it doesn’t attract snatchers, especially when I am outside and like to text while walking.

It’s pretty cheap too, since I would only be paying Php5,800 to get the phone for my retention in Smart.

I could get that phone anytime within the next six months. I don’t need a new phone yet, although I want one so my Globe SIM won’t borrow phones anymore (long story on that). I’m planning to renew my plan within the next two months so at least I can save up a bit for it. Question is: should I wait for N7390 or get this one and just wait until the N7390 gets here and drops its price? Or should I forget about getting the N7390 and just go for this one?

Another question, especially to those N6233 users: is it good? Pros? Cons?


I don’t think I got too much work done today. Now I’m rushing something. BAD, BAD INTERNET! Right. I need to send this email and then go. Bah. Not good when there’s too many distractions. :-s I am soooo going to get it.

Monday, January 29, 2007, 7:15 PM

It’s almost quitting time for me today. I got in late today because of the darn traffic and I can just see the minutes ticking away a few pesos on my next salary. Hay.

Well this feels weird. I got so used to being with our testers last week for this UAT I conducted that it felt kind of strange suddenly going back to “normal” in the office and not having to do testing for that particular project. I kind of miss those guys and girls who were here last week. Especially those girls who kept on calling me “ate” even if we were all on the same age. I felt like I was holding a household again and they were my members.

I miss that. :) Having a household. And I’m thankful that God gave me the opportunity to know those girls (they have been testing the thing we tested since November, and it was just yesterday I got to know them!), and I can’t wait to see them again.

This work professionalism kind of confuses me. See, we had the vendors and the testers here last week. In the span of time we were testing, we were “trapped” in a room, talking while doing the test…of course we couldn’t talk about work all the time, so we ended up kidding and teasing each other, cracking jokes and telling each other stories about our love lives (okay, that was just me and the girls). After all those talks, where do you draw the line on work and personal lives?

I know the answer there is a big duh. I just get a bit confused on when to call the person a colleague and a friend. Where does one start and end? If you and your colleague can exchange stories other than work, are you friends? When does friendship “end” and being a colleague start? Where do you draw the line on a person being your friend and being someone you work with?

Of course, there could be friends and colleagues, right? Just like there can be friends and lovers (hihi, I just had to put that in :p).

I never thought this would confuse me. I guess it’s because I’m a more relational person that the relationships I form around me — whether it be friendly or professional or whatever — matters, and I want to know how these people stand in my life. And yeah, I think I also think about this because I have friendship issues.

Just some thoughts. Again. I have to go because it’s waaaay past my quitting time and I still have two Didache reflections to finish tonight. :D I promise not to go online to finish this and sleep early so I can go to the gym tomorrow.

Let’s see how good I am at fulfilling that last statement. Haha. Good evening everyone! :)

Sunday, January 28, 2007, 11:02 PM

I’ve been in front of the computer all day, writing. Okay, half the day I wasn’t writing at all to be honest. Because I’ve been TV deprived all week, I found myself watching TV and also looking at Blog Parteeh ‘07 aftermath posts that I only really started writing at 6:30. Haha my bad. This is why I am not supposed to go freelance yet. I am lousy with time management.

Or maybe because it’s the weekend.

Anyway, I’ve finished writing 6 Didache reflections…three more to go! My deadline’s on Tuesday, and I want to have this finished tonight so tomorrow I can send it. But seeing the time..I don’t think I will be able to.

Lord give me strength.

Speaking of writing…


“Even before I formed you in the womb I have known you; even before you were born I had set you apart, and appointed you as prophet of the nations!” – Jeremiah 1:5

I was in second year college when The Purpose-Driven Life by Rick Warren became popular. Because I heard the book was good, and I wanted to see what it was all about, my mom bought the book for me. After the first few chapters, the book accomplished its purpose. I started to wonder what my purpose in life is.

The book says I do have a purpose — a specific mission for me to fulfill in my lifetime. Sometimes though, because of the routine of life, that thought gets lost somewhere in my brain.

I wonder if I am just bound to live a mundane life and eventually die, leaving nothing to be remembered. I end up asking if my existence means anything at all. However, little by little, God is revealing that He has a mission for me, the purpose that I have been unconsciously looking for in the past.

It may not yet be clear what it is to me now at my very young age, but I’m pretty sure God will reveal the fullness of His mission for me in His perfect time.

Who wrote that? I did. :D That’s the Didache reflection for today. :) I have other reflections there for the rest of the year, and if you want to read them, get yourselves a copy! :)

Now I must get back to work if I want to finish this on time.


But before I really go…I want this phone:

Nokia 7390

I’ve seen Grethel use this phone at the office, and I liked how it looked. It’s so girly! I want the pink one, but the bronze one looks good too, and more formal. I’m kind of afraid that if I use this, the casing (or whatever it is) would chip since my 6020’s casing did that to me too. But it’s soooo cute. Anybody knows how much this is out in the market? And any reviews? :D